About Me

Hi! I’m Lori.

Welcome to Your Debut Headquarters. I’d also like to introduce my partners and co-authors, Tracy Hanes and Suzanne McIntosh.

We combined our decades of accumulated experience in Publishing, PR, and Marketing with top-shelf business tools like Six-Sigma to create a REAL Growth System. We work with influencers, coaches of all types, brands, and local businesses to help them turn their business or personal brand into a meaningful, wealth-building asset that supports their values and creates a positive impact.

Unlike agencies that focus only on marketing, we help our clients build a business that will grow with them as they become the trusted authority in their space, an elite thought leader that attracts their ideal audience and clients.

We love to share

We love helping leaders like you build successful businesses, so in addition to our book (which you can find in the sidebar of this page, we also post free workshops here to help you build the “Leader Stage” that will support your business as it grows. Feel free to post your questions, we will be happy to answer them on the page or if you’d like more personal coaching, we’d love to have you join us Backstage.