Are You Building this Important New List?

Building your audience is as important as growing your email list

Your email list isn’t the only important list in your business.  Building your audience is just as important as building your business. In fact, it is one of the main pillars of your business. Read on and learn the importance of audience listing.

As nice as it would be, we’ve all had to face the fact that only a small percentage of the people who engage with your content will actually raise their hands to join your email list.

The good news is, that doesn’t mean those people are lost to us. We have a way to continue to reach out to them and engage with them until they’re ready to opt in to our sales funnel and begin the sales journey.

Audience Lists

“Audiences” are the collection of people you can build inside of an advertising platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Network, and LinkedIn that have interacted with your ads or your content or your videos or your website.

You can also create a “Lookalike” audience of people who haven’t interacted with your content yet but share some of the same traits of those who have…people who “look like” the people who engage with you.

If that isn’t enough you can create audiences based on interests or any of the other targeting options the platform provides and save them for future ads.

This is, of course, an incredibly effective way of advertising because you are able to connect with people who engage with you now or have a strong likelihood of engaging with you once they see your content because of a shared interest.

That’s very similar to being able to send an email to somebody who is either already subscribed to your list or who would be very likely to subscribe.

How to build an Audience

Here’s how to build audiences.

Every ad network, or social media platform, comes with what’s called a pixel.

A PIXEL is a small piece of code that you can put on your website that will then track a visitor who comes to your website.  Your pixel will notify the advertising networks that the person visited your site and took a particular action. The network or platform will then add that person to a specific audience so you can target an ad directly to them at a later date.

You can install pixels from each platform to every page of your site to start collecting people and building those audiences by their interest in topics, products, and actions taken.

Pixels give you the ability to get enough information about where that person has visited on your site to know things like whether or not they’re interested in a particular topic of a blog post, or if they viewed a particular category of product on your site, or they’ve watched a certain video.

You can get good detail from that pixel to give you more targeted advertising audiences.

Finally, you can promote your content and your offers to those audiences based on the audiences that they’re in.

Final Thoughts

 To recap, audiences are the new list.

You, of course, still want to build your email list. That’s a very powerful marketing tool, but audiences are starting to prove to be just as effective, if not more effective.