Everything You Need to Go from Leader to Luminary

You have something valuable to offer, something so many people need…

…so why  are you hearing crickets?

It’s probably the most frustrating thing emerging leaders face; they devote an enormous amount of time creating solutions that can have a huge impact on people’s relationships, health, wealth, and more, but when they try to get the attention of the people who need their solutions, they get no response.   They write blog posts that never get read, upload hours of YouTube videos that are never watched and even try running a few ads that somehow get enough clicks to eat a hole in their wallet, but don’t create any response.

Can you relate?

If you’ve read Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader, you know it isn’t you.  It isn’t your message, your website, or your social media profiles; plenty of people command the attention of millions without these.

How do they do it?

They have the one piece you’re missing; they have a Leader Stage. 

A Leader Stage is what lifts you above the crowd, above the competition for your audience’s attention.  It positions you front and center and broadcasts your message to just the right people; the people who want what you offer and are happy to pay to get it. 

Our book, Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader, outlines what a Leader Stage is and how to go about creating one.  If you follow the instructions and complete all the action steps, you’ll have a fully functioning Leader Stage at the end of about a year.

But what if you need it faster?

What if you don’t want to do all the work yourself?

That’s why we created Backstage.  In live theater, the backstage area is where the work is done to make what’s happening on stage a wondeful experience for the audience.  

Our Backstage is no different.  It’s where you can learn new skills, get feedback and support from others on the same journey, find tools to make your Stage work smoothly and take part in weekly Q&A and brainstorming calls.  You’ll find everything you need to build your stage and start gathering your audience.

Your Backstage Pass also gives you access to our large menu of Done-for-You services, it’s the Easy Button you can push anytime you want to hand over a task that isn’t a good use of your time.  Knowing when to delegate something to free-up their time is one of the marks of a good leader.   We can handle all these tasks for you:

  • Funnel design, build and maintenance
  • Set up your autoresponder and email sequences 
  • Digital delivery service
  • Create and manage your ads
  • Create and manage your text opt-ins and campaigns
  • Book design and publishing
  • Press release campaign
  • Lead magnet design
  • Sourcing sponsored content to grow your audience
  • Designing  and managing your launches and promotions
  • Access to our ad server 
  • One-on-one coaching or consulting whenever you feel you want it

These are all specialty skills with a long learning curve that we’ve already mastered.  Taking the time to learn these skills is one of the main causes of failure among would-be luminaries because there’s always something else to learn, a shiny, new tool to add to the box. 

Everything you need is waiting for you Backstage.  We’re so sure you’ll love it, we’re giving you a 30-day sneak-peek for $17 so you can take your time and look around.  

Get Your Backstage Pass Here