Blogger vs. WordPress Why You Need To Switch

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Blogger was a great way to start a blog back in 2000, it made the creation of your own little slice of the internet so simple and easy, but in 2019 Blogger is nothing short of a dinosaur. Unfortunately Google (the owner of blogger), has all but forgotten it’s existence, they’ve given Blogger a few tweeks here and there, but let’s be honest, it needs a complete makeover from head to toe.

My personal biggest complaint with Blogger is the lack of control when it comes to user interface, yes you can add some HTML, and yes you can install a template, but one thing WordPress is great at is complete and utter control by the owner of the site. With WordPress I can install my Google Analytics via the Monster Insight plugin, I can do all my SEO work via the Yoast plugin, none of that can be done with blogger, in fact the blogger statistics aren’t a trusted source by brands, if you want a sponsorship you better be using Google Analytics.

At the end of the day Blogger was a great way to dip your toe in the water, but WordPress is where it’s at for people who want to take themselves and their brand to the next level, not only are the themes for WordPress to die for, but your blog functions as an actual website, you can set up a store, you can use Disque for comments, you can design the look of your dashboard so you see the information regarding your blog thats most important to you, and the most important thing it’s actually easier to use at the end of the day. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve like there is with anything, but you don’t have to fight with the constraints of the Blogger layout, or even go deep into the code of your site to change the simplest of things, it can pretty much all be handled in the customization tab!

Yes Blogger is the OG of blogging platforms, but unfortunately Google didn’t stick around for the after party, they went home early and thats why WordPress was able to show up and take over as the popular kid!

If you’re still using Blogger I would love to know what’s stopping you from making the switch.