Influencers: 4 Things You Must Do After Hitting Publish

So you’ve just spent hours writing out a new blog post or filming and editing a new video, you’ve done your tags, you’ve proofread everything and it just gone live, now what? Here are my top 4 things to do after it gone live!

  1. Share On All Social Platforms. This is something you should get in the habit of doing for any and all posts/videos because your followers won’t know to check out your work if they don’t know you’ve put something up! I like to have my social posts written with the link to my post/video already drafted in my notes app, then all I have to do is copy and paste into the different social platforms.
  2. Reply To Comments As The Come In. It used to be common place to wait 12-24 hours before replying to comments, but now that comments count as engagement on your posts/videos and your engagement score for each post/video is judged in the first 10 minutes you need to be replying as they come in.
  3. Make A Teaser Trailer For Videos.To really get the attention of your followers making a short 30 second teaser trailer to put on Twitter, Facebook, IGStories, and your IG Grid, helps your followers see that you’re creating some amazing content and they want to watch the rest of the video.
  4. Share Your Post/Video Repeatedly. We know that the social platforms don’t show our feeds to every follower, so share your post/video a couple of times for those that may have missed it, be sure to have other content being shared in between so you’re not throwing the same post out over and over. Example: You just posted live a post on how to grow your instagram, share it to facebook, then share an affiliate link, then share a picture from instagram, then share your post on how to grow your instagram again, the first and second share should be at least 4-6 hours apart.


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