Influencers: 4 Things You Must Do Before Hitting Publish

Whether your posting a Blog Post, an IGTV Video, YouTube Video, Facebook Video, or Instagram Picture there is always a list of 4 things you need to check before pressing publish…

  1. Does It Fit Your Brand? You want to make sure anything you’re putting out on social media fits the brand that you’ve spent all this time building. So if you’re a fitness guru, posting a long thought out post about fly fishing isn’t going to make the splash you would probably be looking for, always try and stay on brand so your audience knows what to expect from you.
  2. Spelling & Grammar. Nobody wants to try and decipher your post, always reread your posts or descriptions looking for all those little errors you might have made while typing. Another option is to have a friend or family member proof read your posts, because you wrote it your mind knows what your trying to say and may miss something.
  3. Check Your Tags/Keywords/Hashtags. SEO (search engine optimization) is HUGE, it is a pivotal part of your platforms and if you’re using tags that don’t go with your video, the algorithm will spot that and stop showing your video, if your using hashtags on IG that have 300 million images under it, your image will not be seen. Also make sure the tags/keywords/hashtags you’re using are relevant to the content as images and video on all platforms are now being searched by the AI, and be sure they aren’t being over used either, look for ones that have small or medium audience, the more specific the better!
  4. Be There When Your Post Goes Live. An amazing feature on most platforms is the ability to schedule your posts, that feature is used by most of us, but that doesn’t relieve you of your duty to be there when your post goes up. The moment your post goes up you should be sharing it on all of your social platforms, you should be replying to comments as they come in live, put in the time and effort to do this because your followers are putting in their time and effort to be there for you.


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