Influencers: 5 Tips To Get Invited To Brand Events

Brands hold events and invite celebrates and influencers as a way of promoting their brand and new launches, often times you’ll see your favorite influencers attending these events and you might be experiencing a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), and wondering how you can get an invite to these exclusive events, today I’m revealing all the behind the scenes secrets!

  1. Tag brands on your social media platforms, without being paid. When you’re doing an InstaStory about your current haircare routine tag every brand you mention, brands see this and they sometimes may even repost your content, but the more you show up for them the more familiar they will be with you and when hosting their next event they might even add you to their guest list.
  2. Reach out to the brands you like. I always say you can’y get what you want if you don’t ask for it, so send a quick email to the brand that includes all of your social links asking them to keep you in mind at their next even.
  3. Always use the brands event hashtags when attending their events. A brand spends a lot of time and money hosting events to bring awareness to their brand and new product launches, the point of influencers attending these events is so they will vlog/blog/instagram/instastory the event and their followers will see the brands name and products available, which is why a brand will create a hashtag specifically for each event so when influencers post using that hashtag users can click the hashtag and see all the posts for the hashtag, but when invited guests don’t use the hashtag, that hashtag page can then look like the event flopped because there were so few posts.
  4. Ask a brand for a discount code. Often times invited guests to an event are people they’ve worked with in the past, which is why reaching out to a brand and asking if they would be interested in creating a discount code specifically for your followers is a great way to start a working relationship with a brand, the first discount code may not be an affiliate to you, but it’s giving the brand exposure, its giving your followers a discount on a product you like, and it’s giving you a personal relationship with the brand. WIN WIN for everyone!
  5. Send an email to the brand asking them to add you to their waitlist. A brand wants their event to be at maximum capacity and often times people that have been invited to the event drop out because they’re sick, traveling, had a conflicting event, etc. The brand will then go to the waitlist and extend invites to influencers from there, if you cannot make the event don’t accept the invite, you likely won’t get one from that brand again. If however you’re going to be there be sure to RSVP IMMEDIATELY, typically if they don’t hear from you within 24 hours they will remind the invite and give it to someone else, there is no looking desperate in this situation send that RSVP within seconds of receiving it if you can.

Those are my top 5 tips for getting on a Brands Guest list, if you have any of your own please leave them in the comments below!


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