Influencers: How To Become Fearless In Your Self-Promotion

As a Social Influencer your job is to sell yourself, which can be difficult seeing as how you’ve probably never had any media training or had someone explain the fine art of remaining humble while also telling brands how amazing you are! To help you overcome the fear that comes with self-promotion I thought I’d put together a few things to do and remember when contacting companies.

  1. Believe In Yourself! Having self belief is crucial in this industry and frankly no-one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself, so keep reminding yourself that you are a badass, you can do this, this is your dream, and you will succeed!
  2. Practice Makes Perfect! Before you send anything to a brand first write out an outline of the things you want to address, then write your pitch including all of your bullet points from your outline, then have someone proof read it (an author never edits their own work), once it’s been proofed and you’re happy with it, then it gets sent out. Even if you aren’t sending anything out to brands right now, I highly suggest writing out a few practice pitches so you can create your style, before doing that read this post all about working with brands.
  3. Don’t Do A Sales Pitch! Think less about selling yourself and more about how working with you will help the brand and help your audience, by changing your mindset on this it becomes a bit easier to self-promote when it’s a little less about you and more about others.

Those are my top 3 ways of dealing with Self-Promotion Fear, by implementing them it should help you become more comfortable pitching yourself to brands, let me know if you have any specific questions or fears associated with self-promotion.


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