Influencers: What Social Platforms Should You Be On

We have a huge variety of social platforms to choose from and one of the most asked questions I get is “which social platform should I be using?”, the short answer to that is ALL OF THEM! Why restrict your growth to one platform when you can be growing on all of them, and because each platform is unique in its user base that opens you up for more sponsorship opportunities. The hard part of this is managing all of these platforms so lets break this down a bit for you.

Youtube is a video based platform, it was the first of the video platforms and is still the biggest, which is why you should have a youtube channel and creating unique content on there. Brand companies have moved away from sponsoring blog posts and shifted completely to video content, your youtube channel should be unique to you, put the content that you want on there, but also listen to your followers if they’re asking you for a makeup tutorial film one, if they want to know how to pick the right color for their undertone film it, give your audience what they’re asking for while staying within your niche.

Twitter is a great way to engage with your audience in a relaxed atmosphere, you don’t have to have highly edited images, videos created to perfection, this is a genuine chill spot in the social world, its an area where you can express your opinions on new makeup ranges launching, the new episode of the Bachelor, are you Team Edward vs Team Jacob (do people still fight about that haha), this is an area for you to be more yourself.

Create a facebook page (not a profile a business page), this is important because facebook is trying to become the new youtube they have created a creator studio where you can upload your videos, fill in descriptions, add tags, schedule your videos, and you can even create watch parties with your audience there! With a facebook page select the video template and it will allow you to place playlists on your page.

Instagram is getting the most attention right now because its the most used platform, you can do stories, IGTV videos, and images which is great and you should be using all of those features, however don’t put all your eggs in one basket, continue to use instagram along with using the other platforms.

Pinterest is one of the most over looked social platforms which is interesting considering most bloggers get their traffic from Pinterest, create a business account and get pinning, save pins from your blog, your youtube channel, and your instagram, share pins from other bloggers, and their youtube channels, and instagram, and while your at it get Tailwind, I’ve seen a 2,000% increase in my traffic since I started using tailwind.

There are other social platforms like TicTok trying to make their way up the social ladder but for now stick with these, once you’ve mastered them then you can play with the newbies!

Creating unique content for 5 social platforms is difficult but it all comes down to TIME MANAGEMENT! Don’t film 1 video every day, instead film 4 videos 2 times a week you end up with plenty of content to edit and upload and you don’t spend an hour everyday doing your set up and take down that’s a savings of 5 hours a week! Spend 2 days a week editing videos, 2 days snapping & editing pictures, and then set a reminder in your phone 2-3 times a day to share something to twitter and Pinterest. Remember WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!

So the long and short of it is get on all major social platforms now, and create a tight time management schedule and stick to it! You will start to see growth on all of those platforms while feeling less stressed and overwhelmed by it all!


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