Influencers: Why You Need Your Own Website

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As an influencer your entire job has to do with your following, but with so many different social media platforms to try and keep up with it’s hard to know where you should be sending your followers, thats where a website comes in handy!

With your own website you can use it as your “home base” this is where your followers new and old can find all of your social media links, your current videos, posts, shop a curated list of favorites, etc, and because you own the site it is 100% controlled by you, you decided what contents up, who sees what first, what comments are on there, the color scheme, etc.

For myself the biggest selling point of having your own website is that it’s a place your followers can always find you, especially in light of youtube demonizing and deleting channels, instagram shadow banning people, we forget we don’t own our instagram account, our youtube accounts, out facebook pages, we just borrow them and at any moment those things can be removed from the platforms at their discretion, we don’t have a legal right to an instagram account. So with your website by getting your followers to see that as the go to spot to see what you’ve been up to it means if for some reason instagram disappeared tomorrow, you would still be a able to make a living because your followers no exactly where to find you.

Another huge selling point is for brand sponsorships, brands want the content created for them by influencers to stay up for as long as possible in as many places as possible, and with a website you can create an entire page showcasing the content you’ve created for these brands, and see that will make other brands want to work with you, and it makes your followers see that brands trust you so they should too.

At the end of the day creating your own website is a small price to pay to have job security, which in this industry is hard to come by.

If you would like to create your own website but don’t know how or where to start read our post on that here.


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