Why You Need A Disclaimer Page

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A Disclaimer page is the area on your blog where you put your advertising and sometimes privacy policy, this is something that is required by the FTC is you do any type of advertising on your website include Adsense ads, Affiliate links, Sponsored posts, PR gifts etc.

This is the place you would list anything and everything that earns you money on your site, if you have a look at mine you’ll see I went a bit overboard, I don’t do sponsored posts for other companies but I included them anyways on the off chance that one time Apple came to me and said “Hey we would love you to talk about why you use your Mac for work”, I mean who would say no to that? Which is why my policy is to always over disclose rather than under disclose because not disclosing can land you into hot water with the FTC, and let’s be honest, that’s not where you want your blog to take you!

In my Disclaimer Page I also included my Privacy Policy there, if you live in the EU you need to create a separate page as well as a popup for your site thats talks about your cookie use, if you live in the US our laws don’t require that, however if you would like to create a separate page and popup feel free to do so. For myself I have separate pages but also included my privacy policy on my disclaimer so people that read the disclaimer can also see the privacy policy at the same time, no hunting through the site is necessary!

I have a fair understanding of the FTC guidelines on this so if you have any questions on it please leave them in the comments below.